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Swami Aur Kalam...Ek Hi Laksh


 Born a century apart, Swami Vivekanda and Abdul APJ Kalaam had the same objectives: Manmaking. They wanted to develop highly inspired, character-driven youth leaders for India and they spent their entire lives contributing toward that objective through teaching and mentoring tender youth lives, spiritually and scientifically.

The Prophet and The Poet...Best Friends and Foes


A landmark friendship between the father of our nation and a prophet of his times Mahatma Gandhi and the laurel poet and visionary Rabindranath Tagore, were as much foes too in some of their differences of ideas and thoughts.

Jiggar Se...Majlis Se Muqabala


 Three generation of Sindhi men uphold their Indian identity before and after Indian Independance 'jiggar se'. They stand integrated against the money-lords of Saudi Arabia, still managing to flourish in business and support their families on their own inner might. 

Meri Soch Alag, Teri Soch Alag...That's life!


A story about the trials and tribulations of a mother who is a lesbian world class weight lifter cum WWE wrestler and a daughter who is her exact opposite, a fat, ultra feminine girl studying to-be-beautician and writer-blogger during a world wide beauty pageant held in India.

India Unic,,,Bizness ho to Aisa


This movie is about the daily ups and downs of two Indian street vendors turned street entrepreneurs who have chains of businesses on the street and their families think they are business magnates with plush offices, because they have all the luxuries of the world. When they find out the reality, everything hits the roof, until their families learn to respect their style and their chutzpah after they are featured on Forbes magazine.

Tum-Pulse...Prem Ko Pakad Liya


An impulsive 40 year-old who has been in and out of 'love' for more than 10 years, her relationship lasting at the most a month, meets a monk on a spiritual retreat who she begins to really love and she feels all the wierd sensations that she has felt over the years of 'falling in love' with myriads of men. Will her love be requited? 

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Aseem...Jeena Anmol Hain


Aseem Kapoor is a 30-year-old chain-smoking-boozing-carousing Indian Punjabi male-chauvinist who wakes up one morning to find himself beside a beautiful devout-Catholic single-mom-of-two-year-old-twins Angela, a waitress in a pub called The Ghetto, in the heart of plush South Mumbai’s underbelly. Has he found his soul-mate?

Nasa Nani...Rocketing up to Mars


A 60-year-old grandmom of ten grandsons completes her PHD in astrophysics with the help of her grandkids and now wants to go up to Mars in a rocket with NASA, where she finds a childhood boyfriend is working as a space-craft engineer due to retire in two months. Will she make it to Mars with the help of her grandsons and school pals?

Suno Dil Ki Dhadkanein...Aur Chalo Uske Saath


Leaving her second-mysogynistic-husband in his precious red Ferrari after 14-faithful-housewifey-years, Samatha Patel takes off from Mumbai to hit the Indian coasts and beaches with her beautiful 22-year-old daughter, ‘Sunshine’ Sanika and 14-year-old son ’Santana’ Shravan on a life-changing road trip, hustling, skuffling, surfing, swimming their way to a new way of being, living and breathing.

Tod...Ek Naye Mod ki Ore


An Indian road flick, a comedy of errors, in which 18 year old identical twins Manasvi and Mayur decide to swap gender identities on an experimental journey across India for the first time, to get to know their roots and meet their ailing G-mom, thus regaling the audience with their comic escapades that create havoc and confusion galore!

Bikhare Hue Insaan....Anekta mein Ekta


A Human Social drama about people from India, Pakistan, Palestine and Italy, thrown together in a suburban colony of modern-day London, still clinging to their old prejudices and hatred. Will they be able to build a community of love and togetherness?

Dancing Principal...Ek Naya Daur



Vijay Kumar Bhagat, ex-student and dean of Harvard Business School comes to India to take care of his aging parents and his ailing alma mater, the 150-year-old The New Era School, which has been going downhill in the last five years and under his loving, ferocious but compassionate and eccentric umbrage transforms 360 degrees. 

Some More Crackling Film Premises

Abbay Futt...Taarey Dil Mein Lekar Aasman Par Chadh Jaoo


Conceived by rape, born on a cotton plantation, abandoned by her mother, abused as a child because she was a 'chillati billi', was forced to live in the crawl place under the stairs with the cats, Bharati rose to become an internationally beloved singer, dancer, actor and comedienne.

Udtay Parinday...Girey Dharti Ki God mein


A Punjab-da-puttar, Parminder is a major drug addict and his father is a big farmer of poppy seeds and big land lord, until he meets Susheelaben, a vipassana meditator at detox camp. He transforms to help children come out of their addiction from infanthood and also saves them from becoming terrorists as he discovers the nexus between the two, almost getting caught in it too. 

Kutchi Villa...Sach Ki Khoj


Haunted by his paternal uncles murder in their Lonavla holiday retreat, descendent of the Kutchi Chhavda dynasty, Sachin Chhavda investigates it with his Private Investigator fiancée, Shraddha Desai, only to find deadlier skeletons buried in his family’s closet, living in 90-year-old Kutchi Villa (situated in the heart of South-Mumbai) in a joint family, leading to another murder and intrigue beyond belief.

Shaadi Ya Barbaadi...do opposites really attract?


Darshana and Ravi agree that they are poles apart, so Darshana begins looking for a suitable girl for Ravi to marry but he keeps getting jilted by the likely match every time a date is fixed and Darshana goes for the date feeling really sorry for Ravi. Do opposites really attract or detract from love and longing?

Pahaadi Pari...Mount Everest at 12


Pari, a little girl of 6 years, has a big dream in her little heart - to climb Mount Everest by the time she is 12 years old and her father being a Sherpa accompanies mountaineers to the peak so she has plenty of opportunity to train, the only hitch being that she is autistic with cerebral palsy. Will she be able to surmount this mountain within her to realise her dream?

Senti-Menti Chakkar...Arrey Senti matt ho na


Rama is too sentimental at heart, that is his biggest flaw, which comes in his way of making any choice whatsoever, he gets emotional over little things and big things and flounders around with this friends, girlfriends and family who keep saying one thing to him - Arrey senti matt ho re!. which he gets fed up of hearing and takes matters into his hand to stop being so sentimental. Will he succeed?

What! More Smashing Themes - INCREDIBLE!

Pet Puja...Mulga Apla Aala Re


A film about a Marathi mulga from Vancouver who tours India looking for authentic and scientific healthy Ayurvedic recipes from village homes, falls in love with a local girl and then opens a authentic Ayurvedic restaurant back in Vancouver.

Joy...Crimes of Passion


A web series where a lawyer turned private detective solves crimes of passion that have remained unresolved legally, while coping his own addiction with sex and trying to find a serial killer through three seasons of grit, perseverance and lust. 

happiness...what you are seeking is seeking you


A bunch of 6 teenagers living in a gated complex called OASIS find themselves embroiled in a peer's murder. They were the last people the dead boy, Nirvaan, contacted, promising them 'happiness'. The six teenagers find themselves guilty until proven innocent. Will they be able to unearth the real reason for Nirvaan's death and prove their innocence? 

Mona...Life of a Transexual


A documentary about Urvashi Butalia's process of meeting Mona the transexual and attempting to write a book on her but becoming so much part of her life that she becomes part of the story too.

Vipassana...50 Years In India


A documentary tracing the discovery of the Sanchi Stupa by the British to S. N. Goenka bringing the ancient lost teaching of Siddharta Gotama the Buddha, Vipassana, to India fifty years ago, thereby tracing his biography as well as the technique with its resulting benefits. 

Birthday Girl...Life After Death


On her birthday Radhika was blowing out the candles, when one party candle burst into her face and her entire face got burnt with 100 degree burns. Her  3-year-old son suddenly said 'this is not my mummy'. That cut through with a deeper pain than the burns. This is the story of how a devoted mother reclaims her face, her son and her life without any surgery, just from the support and love she got from her husband, family and genuine friends, 

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 We are currently commissioned by Shemaroo, the leading Indian video content producer to regularly write content for 4 to 7 year old children, on topics pertaining to Indian culture, history, leaders and monuments. Right from extensive research to non-fiction writing, we create animated short films for children for Mobile App and YouTube.


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Sneha Zacharia is a coordinator from Oasis India. I got connected to her through Rosy Blue Foundation's Connetfor to do voluntary videography for them about five awesome women who have been nurtured by Oasis India from trauma to wholeness, from being trafficked from a young age to social integration and freedom. It was an honour and a delight to make this film!