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Personal Stories You Wish to Tell

About any event, expereince or journey of your life that you want immortalise and inspire others with or just merely share. It could be about abiding love your parents share, your grandmother's generosity and wisdom or her stock of recipes which has kept your family so healthy. 

It could be about an app, product or service you choose to offer and dont have an ad-film budget.

In the pipeline...

1. A story tracing puppy into mature love, marriage, children and spiritual love through the life of a couple friend and her parents.

2. A story about a how a mobile app came into being and what is the offering of the app.

3. A mother-daughter-maasi story about music, story telling and dance as ancient and modern forms of expression.

4. A YouTube channel showcasing authentic Kutchi recipes and their customs and festivals built around it. We will be sharing ancient scientific principals governing these recipes and their combinations.


We did a film for Oasis India called 'Oasis'. It is a 5 minute film about a journey of 5 prostitutes who were abused as children and then led into prostitution and how they have found freedom, joy and a whole new life through Oasis India. It is a journey from darkness to light. Since it is a very sensitive journey and story, I cannot showcase it on my website or channel. But there will be testimonials from the coordinators of Oasis India about their journey with us.

Pay what you can

1. We shoot on Ipad and Samsung Android S6.

2, We use our own lapel and multidirectional mic.

3. We use portable LED lights. We have a stand and selfie stick that we use to stabilize our 'cameras'.

4. We edit it ourselves. 

5. We are completely professional in our planning. Everything about the shoot and edit is planned on an excel sheet so that all concerned are on the same page. 

6. We are completely transparent, honest and open and would appreciate the same from anyone who engages us.

Volunteer work

For a meaningful cause like Oasis which did not have a budget, we did it voluntarily and were just given conveyance. But the work was as professional or even more so than commissioned work. The payoff for us is that we had complete creative freedom and cooperation from the team at Oasis India. The joy in creating was present every moment of planning, shooting and editing. 

Clients FAQs

1. How can you call yourself professional when you are not charging a fee?

We are professional. Period. What you are talking about it is the commercial end of it. We have faith people will come forward to pay for good work done professionally. 

2. How will you survive and continue doing your work without charging a fee?

We have noticed working in a stringent budget makes you push the envelope and do remarkably good work. If we learn to work on no budget and low budget, we would make more profits in big budgets to reinvent and reinvest in our own company and its workings.

3. Will it be broadcast quality?

It will be shot in 1920X1080 format and output after edit will be MP4. It will not be quality that can be broadcast on any other channel other that YouTube. 

The Story Spinner's Screenwriting Course


20 Sessions + 6 Weeks of Supervised Independent Writing Time (SIWT)

90 minutes each session

Conducted by Aditi Makim and Vaneeta Sridhar

Two Saturday Batches

1st Batch 3pm to 4.30pm

2nd Batch 5pm to 6.30pm

Nov 2, 2019 to Jan 4, 2020

Jan 11, 2020 to Feb 15, 2020 SIWT

Feb 22, 2020 to Apr 25, 2020


Victoria Memorial School for the Blind

Tardeo Rd, Arya Nagar, Tardeo, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400034.



Minimum 6 persons in each batch and Maximum 12 persons in each batch

Eligibility - Anyone who wishes to see a story they have as a film screenplay. Need to be a member of Screenwriters Association (SWA).

A Statement of purpose has to be mailed by 1st September 2019 to Participants will be selected on the basis of SOP.

Come prepared with one page story each for 3 of your favourite films and why you love them.

5 registered (with SWA) original ideas of your own.


A complete first draft film screenplay. 

Techniques and principles that can be applied to any genre, length and medium.

Weekly rigor of homework and viewing, with regular and timely submissions.

(NOTE: Participant will be asked to leave without refund if discipline of submission is not followed even once.) 

SIWT - Supervised Independent Writing Time - to help you make writing a HABIT.


INR 41,000 for 20 sessions of 90 minutes each. 

Registeration confirmed with payment. Last date being 7th October, 2019.

Direct bank transfers accepted only. Contact Aditi Makim 9869905968 or Vaneeta Sridhar 9820012642 for bank details.

Send queries to

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